Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction set behind the Veil

On the Wrong Side of the Veil, things are different.

Beyond the Veil, through space and time, is a realm undreamt of. A place with the glowing eyes of a sorceress and the quaking wails of titans. The forgotten oaths of failed warlords and double-edged promises of cyberspace. A realm of monsters and magic, of blades and bullets, where kings and heathens rule.

Through the Veil, you have entered the Wrong Side.

Nothing is right anymore.

These are The Veiled Sagas.

  • Remembrance – an immortal is confronted by modernity
  • Plague – A mother condemns a daughter’s choices
  • Hackers – A trio of Hackers make a huge mistake
  • Exposure – A man is brought behind the Veil
  • Fume – A mercenary buys his favourite pass time
  • Noodles – An Elderly cook and an immortal share a meal
  • Redecorate – A mercenary comes home to a monthy problem
  • Confession – A priest hears a horrifying confession
  • Firelight – Militiamen contemplate before a battle
  • MoonNight – A family of lycanthropes prepare for a hunt
  • They’re Coming – Long ago, immortals prepare for the Apocalypse
  • Resort – A vampire hunts for tonight’s prey
  • Expanse – Brothers on the front line of a world war
  • Sincerity – A warlord leaves his Valkyrie a rose 
  • HolmGang – When justice fails, a duel is the only answer
  • WitchTrail – Wizards and Mages gather for a trial of one of their own
  • Slaying – Slayers police for aggressive vampires
  • Fire Escape – Living in a new place is hard
  • Outing – A Mercenary attends a play with her boyfriend
  • Battlefield – A moment in a clash of kingdoms
  • Merchants – Three ships appear on the horizon
  • Unicorn – A giant hunts a unicorn on the Siberian steppe
  • Pathetic – A battle raged in a forgotten alley
  • Jotunn Daughter – Daily life in a distant Jotunn settlement is interrupted
  • Herdsmen – A father and son discuss the future
  • Banjo – An old man enjoys the hot summer day
  • ShortFaced Bear – A young Jotunn on the trail of a killer
  • Poet – A poet recalls an attack on his city
  • Dumb Decision – A Franco Prince comes to terms with his choices
  • Monstrosity – A man flees for his life
  • Orchard – Great lords bond in a primeval garden
  • Griffon A nymph lies in wait for its prey
  • Shale – Eastlander warriors hunt an ancient beast
  • Crashing – A battle down the face of a waterfall
  • Angelics – The most mysterious of sentient species
  • Mountain Guest – A monastery greets a guest
  • Hidden Port – A ship arrives in the Underground
  • Peddler – Peddlers and Technicians
  • Koi – A battle between magicians
  • Portraiture – An artist paints a commission
  • Passage – A voyage beyond the reaches of the known world
  • Dunwich – Another night of hunting krakens
  • Lookout – Two soldiers on lookout
  • Purchase – UpTown politics compel a purchase
  • Giant Trail – A tribe of Jotunns on the move
  • Dumpling – Monks prepare food for hungry pilgrims
  • Party – An UpTown gala takes an unfortunate turn
  • Overlook – Cults plot in the Franco countryside
  • A Tower – An exiled Magician receives a call
  • Arrival – A Goblin arrives in a foreign Capital
  • Spear – A hunter in trouble
  • Ranchers – A herd under threat from apex predators
  • Carapace – A Jotunn prepares for modern warfare
  • Observation – A research vessel searches the South Pacific
  • Shore – Soldiers patrol along a shoreline
  • UpTown Duel – Romance and revenge plague the high UpTown courts
  • Swimmers – A den of cyberspace addicts
  • The Stranger A warrior woman searches in a dark world
  • Mudstained – The rise of a new generation of brutish warriors
  • Skry Investigations – A noble lady seeks answers
  • Kraken vs Titan – A battle rages beneath the surface of the Atlantic

Daniel Chan Reports

A young journalist has now made his home in the Underground. Here are his stories writing in a realm of shadows and neon (Written in First-Person Point-of-view. Longer than one Page)

  • Whole Hog Daniel interviews a barbeque pit-master
  • Chocolate Milk – Daniel comes home after a very hard interview
  • Celebrity – Daniel waits for an important local artist
  • Tailors – Daniel interviews a clothing tycoon who outfits goblins
  • The Underground – Daniel’s first time exploring his new home in the Underground

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