Short Stories

Short Fiction, Novelettes and Novellas set behind the Veil

On the Wrong Side of the Veil, things are different.

They have the phones, the guns, the takeout containers, and the gas chugging trucks. There is something wrong when you try to have a coffee at some diner you’ve never seen before. A trio of long eared and crooked nosed Goblins are slurping cartons of ramen garnished with fried crickets. The gunslinger that stepped in has a Glock-45 on one hip and a scimitar on the other. The girl at the counter is dancing a flame between her fingers as her eyes glow bright green.

You’re on the Wrong Side now.

And things are different.

The world you knew is gone. The Right Side is gone. Now everything is wrong.

These are the Veiled Sagas

Treasure Hunt – Action Adventure Fantasy / 12,000 Words / 1:00-1:30 Reading Time

Published by the Scarlet Leaf Review

“Three strangers attempt to recover an artifact deep within the depths of the Underground. In a labyrinth city ruled by goblins, they are pursued by an inhuman bounty hunter without remorse or pity.”

Challenge – Dark Fantasy / 4,000 Words / 0:40 Reading Time

Adapted by TallTaleTV

“Wyre, a young orc challenges his chieftain for supremacy of the clan.”

The Hunt – Dark Fantasy / 6,200 Words / 0:45-1:00 Reading Time

Adapted by TallTaleTVPart 1 & Part 2

Leon, an Elven Guardian of the Deepwoods, battles a mob of invading orcs and his own inner demons.

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