Black as Night – Book Announcement

Return to the Wrong Side this May! Black as Night by Z. F. Sigurdson Experience the deepest pits, the grimiest dens and the blackest magics on the Wrong Side.

Genre Talks – Events vs Settings

Understanding the difference between event genres and setting genres can be a useful exercise when planning a story. Understanding the expectations, goals and preferences of a specific genre can help guide writers when they get stuck

Writing Advice – Terror, Horror, Disgust (and Dread)

How do you scare people? How can new writers learn the tactics of terror, horror, disgust and dread? Here I offer to clarify and summarize some of the best tactics from the likes of Stephen King, Ann Radcliffe and your favourite horror movies.

September Update – What a year it has been…


It’s been quite the year, eh? We’re all caught in this storm and all I can hope is that everyone found safety and solace in it. I know a great many couldn’t…

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