What a Year – Nov 2022 Update

It has been an exceptional year and I know a great many others have felt the same. All our lives caught up on us all at the same time. So here is a quick list of everything I’ve done I think given all this, I can cut myself some slack for not being my most…

The Veiled Sagas: Wild Things – Call for Beta Readers!

Beta reader: a person who reads a work of fiction before it is published in order to mark errors and suggest improvements If you have time or interest in beta reading a dark fantasy collection, please shoot me a message

Book of Boba Fett Rewrite

Sometimes when you love something and it disappoints, you’re more inspired. I don’t hate the Book of Boba Fett, I just feel it lost its way. My frustration with the Book of Boba Fett is that it is only fine when it could have easily been great. It had the potential to not only being…

2021 Summary – A Year in Writing

2021 was a hell of a year. Here is what I wrote, how much I wrote and the tactics that helped me remain creative during a difficult year.

A Year in Anarchy – Movies of 2020-2021

During my second major lockdown, October 2020, I started recording the movies and shows I was watching. So here is everything I’ve watched over the last year and a half.

Black as Night – Launch day!

Black as Night is out today! If you are able, please order a digital or physical copy HERE. Delve into the deepest pits, the seediest dens, and the blackest magic. On the Wrong Side, nothing is right anymore. These are the Veiled Sagas. # It has been a very long road and an even longer…

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