Mid March Update

Shit… I agreed to keep doing this. I should really make a schedule… and drafts… I think I had a great idea for a blog and then I went to bed… and -poof- gone. I will admit to one thing. I’ve begun a project. Something I hope to continue through to publishing. That is all… I think I’ve finally gotten I’m eating Tostitos with Hummus. … Continue reading Mid March Update

February 2019: What the hell?

I’m really not that okay… I guess I promised myself to do this weekly… I’ll add the usual preface. My month was not your month. I am writing this entirely as a point of therapy for myself because well… writing does help. Screaming into the void does help. Just putting my thoughts and feelings into something readable allows me to process it better than the cascade of half-formed thoughts. … Continue reading February 2019: What the hell?