Mid March Update

Shit… I agreed to keep doing this.

I should really make a schedule… and drafts… I think I had a great idea for a blog and then I went to bed… and -poof- gone.

I will admit to one thing. I’ve begun a project. Something I hope to continue through to publishing. That is all… I think I’ve finally gotten

I’m eating Tostitos with Hummus. Will probably make a drink shortly. watching Spotlight, the movie about the reporters investigating the touchy-feely priests in Boston.

That is actually an example of a film that deserves winning Best Picture. A genuine ensemble cast with major talent involved, a brilliantly concise script that makes investigative reporting feel both realistic and exciting and a film that doesn’t fuck around with the issues it talks about.

What else to talk about…

I’m really going to miss writing for The Manitoban. With the semester coming to a close, the paper goes from writing an article a week to once a month. I don’t even know if I will be in Winnipeg when September rolls around. I wish I could have been a member of the team far earlier.

I have learned more in the three months writing for The Manitoban than I had in the previous year. I’ve gone to metal shows alone, interviewed rockers, rappers, writers, authors, musicians. They let me write a piece on social activism about Black Panther, interview a professor who writes Warhammer 40k novels, and people actually read them? Holy shit?

I’ve poured myself a drink at this point.

Still watching Spotlight. The way they slowly reveal the depths of the church conspiracy is just so perfectly realized.

I know my writing has also improved. I hope so anyways. I’ve been editing my own work on here. Grammar, punctuation, spelling etc… THE RULES in general. Bit by bit, I’m getting better… when I want to.

I hope you all have enjoyed these rambling. I will start planning a schedule, write drafts, edit and generally be less of a mess.

I hope this might show that I am doing a bit better.