The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied

by Z. F. Sigurdson

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Dark Fantasy / 7 Short Stories / 58,000 words

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“Seven stories set on the Wrong Side of the Veil. A hidden realm where the modern world crashes into a feudal society rife with conflict, otherworldly powers and inhuman creatures. A lone wanderer is caught in a war between blood-sworn enemies. Two brothers having survived a life of struggle now fight to defend their town. In the depths of the mountains, a young woman battles for her life against a brutal mercenary. Four young men try to mend their friendship when everything goes wrong at a music festival. Follow these bloody adventures where the people are just as vile as the monsters.

On the Wrong Side, nothing is right anymore.

These are the Veiled Sagas.”

The Wrong Side

by Z. F. Sigurdson

80 Flash Fiction / 25,000 words

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“On the Wrong Side of the Veil, things are different.

Beyond the Veil, through space and time, is a realm undreamed of. A place with the glowing eyes of a sorceress and the quaking wail of titans. The forgotten oaths of failed warlords and double-edged promise of cyberspace. A realm of monsters and magic, of blades and bullets, where kings and heathens rule.

Through the Veil, you have entered the Wrong Side.

Nothing is right anymore.

These are the Veiled Sagas.”

Black As Night

by Z. F. Sigurdson

Dark Fantasy / 7 Short Stories

Coming May 2021…