Simone took Gunda to a play in the 6th District. A new original play by a mixed Dwarf-Goblin cast. A reconciliation troupe. The politics didn’t matter. Gunda was just happy to be out.

Simone was a homebody and an academic. It was a rare treat when he took her somewhere like this.

He wore a red blazer with a black turtle-neck. His line of wolf’s teeth around his neck. He made the very notion of a Lycanthrope historian seem respectable. His bristly brown hair squared off his thin pale face.

Gunda managed to cram her thick shoulders and even thicker thighs into formal-style bodysuit. She hated dresses. It was hard for her to appreciate formal wear. She felt vulnerable without her armor… She had plasma pistol was hidden in her clutch.

She fiddled at the necklace around her neck.

Maybe it’s too casual? Who wears a bodysuit to a play! I’m a mercenary for the Goblin King. What do I know about-

As if Simone could read her thoughts, he reached over and took her hand. His skin was translucently pale compared to her natural coal-like complexion. He planted a hard kiss on her lips. His bristly lip tickled.

“You think too hard,” he said. “I can see it all over you.”

“Shut up…”

“You look wonderful,” he assured her.

“Thanks, babe.”

It was hard to find a good guy in the Underground. Gunda was shocked she found hers in a militarized vampire coven.

She glanced out the window again, the city past by in a blur of lights.  

As arrived at the pillar-shaped playhouse. A crowd of well-dressed folk. One blonde Dwarf with braids waved a protest sign. She was alone and ignored.

Gunda grabbed Simone’s hand as they stepped out.


“For what?”

“For being you.”