The Hybrid-Mercenary pushed the mansions door open. The landing was ornate and decorated in the red and marble Gothic aesthetic that drove her crazy. When will he ever redecorate? She was strong and wore a full body of metallic armor. Only her ebony face and Afro of black hair showing her humanity.

“The Mistress is back!” buzzed the android climbing down the stairs.

Gunda frowned. Most day’s people mistook her for a robot when she was in her armor. She waved off the android, as its naked female form rushed to attend to her.

Gundra dropped her helmet behind her shoulder. It thunked against the tile floor.

“Simone!” she barked.

“The Master is-”

“Shut up!” Gunda marched through the mansion towards the library. “Simone!”

The android, with her chrome chassis followed behind in quick fidgety steps. “As I said Mistress, the Master is-”

“Simone!” Gundra called through the library. Its high reaching levels dwarfing the half-Dwerg warrior. “Simone!”

“As I was saying, Mistress, the Master is-”


Gunda’s eyes went wide. The long wolfish howl echoed through the mansion. Its extended exhale calling on Simone’s ancestors; the paintings of 16th century Lycanthrope rebels, 17th century WolfCloaked Colonials, manuscripts of 12th century Yulfings. The long history of the Wolf-Vampire conflict was recorded here in these halls.

The howl ended. It always sent a shiver up Gunda’s spine.

“Ah, it’s his time of the month, isn’t it?” said Gunda.

The android nodded.

“I need to pay attention to the moon cycle, in the Underground it’s impossible to tell.”     

“Understood, Mistress, I shall notify you.”

“Thank you,” said Gunda. “He has three days of this?” Another nod. “Fine.” Gunda began to peel off her armor in pieces, letting it fall hard against the ground until she laid back on an ornate yellow futon in nothing but a tank top and khakis. The android retreated from the library. Gundra sighed, I love that man, but his monthlies are murder.