The Aristocrat crept through the resort’s lounges, a predator searching for prey.

His open collar, cologne, styled hair and wiry arms were only camouflage for his trap. His crimson eyes and pheromone hypnotism would ensure the final snap of the trap. Like a Venus Fly Trap, he would bring the meat in close before snapping shut.

He found one maiden in a blue and gold jumper. A gold chain resting deep in her caramel cleavage. It was certainly warm out.

She looked unhappy.

The he swooped in beside her. “Penny for your thoughts?”

She didn’t smile immediately. “Hubby abandoned me for the slot machine.”

“His loss.”

“Vacation has just been a nightmare. Our rooms were still under construction when they gave us the key. Drywall and plaster everywhere. Can you believe that? Who does that?”

He ordered a glass of red wine, a merlot. “Places like this are pits for sucking up money. They don’t actually care about you’re experience.”

“I guess.”

That’s when she turned to meet his eyes.

All her annoyance and defiance evaporated. The dumb cow-eyed smiled grew across her gorgeous heart-shaped face.

The Aristocrat smiled back.

Easy eating tonight.