Sergeant Skimore leaned against the wood grain wall flanking the door. Everything reeked of old stain and grease fryers, but now the coppery scent of blood floated in the air. Deep DownTown, they were investigating above a strip diners.

Skimore lifted the long silver barrel of his Nailgun. His partner, Gwenlyn, flanked the other side of the door. They could hear giggling inside the apartment.

Gwenlyn was five-foot-three, stout, with braided blonde hair. A proper Dwergi patriot with her Tor Hammer hanging around her neck. She hoisted her own Nailgun and nodded.

Skimore sucked in a breath before kicking open the door. It broke on the lock and swung open.

They rushed into the small, capsule-sized apartment. On the half-kitchen counter sat a girl with her tits out. If you can call those tits. Her pale skin and red eyes were usually enough to identify a Vampire.

Her entire mouth was dripping with crimson. A few drops fell to the floor.

A young man, maybe twenty-four, in peak physical condition with dusty blonde hair stood in front of the girl with his hands on her thighs. From a gash on his shoulder a stream of blood leaked down his back.

Gwenlyn grimaced. “Slayers! Hands above your heads.”

The girl whimpered, obeying. Holding her arms up while trying to cover her nudity.

The young man, stumbled, holding himself up by gripping the counter. “I let her! It’s fine! She didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Sir,” said Skimore. “We need to ensure you aren’t being controlled.”

“I’m not!”

Over his shoulder Skimore saw picture on the wall, a piece of street art, both the man and the vampire were drawn and painted in a loving embrace. Skimore begrudgingly lowered his weapon.

Gwenlyn didn’t. “There was a murder six blocks from here. A homeless man drained dry of blood. Come with us and we’ll hear your piece.”

“She’s been with me all night!” said the young man.

The girl whimpered. “I’ll go. I’ll go.”

Skimore glanced at Gwenlyn’s furious red face.

The girl reached behind her back. Skimore couldn’t tell what the girl had. Gwenlyn never waited for a reason… Turns out she was just reaching for her shirt…