Project Announcment! The Blacksword Saga

SO! Here it goes! I am officially announcing my current writing project, a project I hope to follow to until publishing. I have a business plan, I am constantly researching, I have an eager editor and I’ve made unprecedented progress in the last two weeks.

So I should probably tell you what the hell I’ve been working on.

The current tentative title is The Blacksword Saga (This may change in time). This will be an ebook series of short novels I sell on amazon and other outlets. Hopefully I can include paperbacks. This pitch line is…

“The adventures of a wandering warrior woman.”

The longer version is…

“The adventures of a wandering warrior woman on a quest as she searches a dark world for someone she lost. On the Wrong Side of the Veil, nothing is right anymore.”

A part of me feels this is super cliche, vague and unoriginal, but bear with me.

After doing some research and seeing what some others have been doing I have been thinking of ways to tell an episodic story. The way this series will work is each book in the series will be three novelettes or novellas (10k – 20k words) or “Episodes” as I’ve been calling them.

Each Episode is its own story with threads that make up a larger whole. Most stories can be read on their own, however.

Three Episodes will be sold as a book, roughly 40k – 50k words. The size of a small novel. These may include other short stories I have written in the same world. Brandon Sanderson-style interludes, if you will.

The first novel will be free.

Episodes vary from creeping horror stories, epic duels between warriors, dramas confronting systemic problems in corrupt towns and fights against brutal monsters from the primordial past or the world’s mythologies. She will come across broken towns, fantastic locations, colourful characters and labyrinthine conspiracies on her quest.

She is referred to early on only as The Stranger.

What is her quest? Who is she? What does she want? Well, you will have to read to find out.

Cartoon Network / Genndy Tartakovsky

I’ve wanted to tell a wandering-ronin/western type of story for a long time. I just had no idea how to go about it. I’ve always been obsessed with shows like Samurai Jack, Cowboy Bebop or Berserk. The creativity of the towns, locations, characters, stories and the monsters, especially in Samurai Jack, always captivated my imagination. Completely unrestrained storytelling that allowed for almost anything to happen. The episodic format being used to its fullest extent.

I want to create something like that. Unrestrained by tone or genre. Allowing me to draw on my wide and disparate influences and inspirations such as Kaiju films, Hong Kong action cinema, Westerns, Lovecraftian Horror, Stephen King stories, Epic fantasy, cyberpunk, traditional mythology and a menagerie of other places. I want to play freely with all the stuff I love.

Toho Company

I have also begun reading the works of Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian. These stories are terribly dated, flawed and the enjoyment I find is always clouded by how icky some parts can be. They are also the best comparison to what I am trying to do.

I also can’t deny how much fun Conan the Barbarian is to read, mostly in how they are written. Simple, direct and imaginatively described. Some of the flowery descriptions are a huge draw back, but the intense action, epic fantasy locals and bombastic characters.

Conan the Destroyer by Frank Frazetta

In many ways this project is one part Conan the Barbarian and one part Samurai Jack with a female lead.

I have 75 Episodes across 25 short novels planned. I also have an editor eager to help me with this.

My writing goal for the next quarter is to finish a total of 10 episodes. As of this writing, I have finished the first draft of the first three stories.

I finished what I intend to be an entire short novel in about four weeks… holy shit

I have a business plan which includes a growing marketing strategy, a list of possible cover artists to contact and a plan for selling these stories.

My writing habits have completely changed in this project. I have stopped sitting in front of my computer at 8am with my coffee and working until my head bobs by noon.

I wake up at 7am (I quit coffee) and sit at my desk and write with pen and paper. My word count is lower, but the quality of my writing and my genuine attitude is a thousand times better. I can write until well into the night whenever and wherever and I feel great doing it. My pens die faster than my will to stop writing. Most of this week I have stayed up until well past midnight writing summaries for future stories, creating characters, worlds, obstacles and mysteries.

I am exercising regularly, eating better, job hunting and planning my first trip on my own. I still feel a lot of guilt I am able to work freely on this, which only makes me work harder. Waking up and writing for hours on end.

I am doing a lot better in every regard, especially mentally. I can proudly report I have not had a unrelenting negative thoughts in the previous two weeks.

Thank you for following me through on this,


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