Black as Night – Important info

Alright! Black as Night comes out in a few meager weeks! I should probably fill everyone in on the details of what/where/who/what/how much etc…

What is it?

Black as Night is my new short story collection. Set in the Veiled Sagas, my hidden world fantasy constantly influenced by the modern world, leading a merging of magic and technology, modern culture and medieval feudalism.

It is the direct sequel to my first collection, Bloodied! You will see some familiar characters, continue some story threads and meet some new faces!

What’s different?

Bloodied was about bloody violence, sacrifices and monsters. Black as Night is focused on the darkest corners, blackest magics, and deepest pits of the Wrong Side. This is far more defiantly a horror collection, with occasional forays into noir detective stories, dark surrealism and kaiju-inspired terror.

Who is involved?

Besides me? Well this is the most exciting part. Returning with graphic design is Chloe Brown, also called @thegingerartist.

My editor is the brilliant Adam Petrash, best known for Alternate Plains and Parallel Prairies anthologies. My writing and understanding of story has made leaps and bounds through his guidance.

For copy editing, I was blessed to have Mythos and Ink’s Emma Skrumeda, a dear friend and incredible editor.

Lastly, the cover that floored me is by the definitely enigmatic G. M. B. Chomichuk. One way or another, I was going to get a cover by him. He put me on this path whether he wants to admit it or not!

Where can I get it?

Amazon! Follow my author’s page and stay tuned! It will be available in paperback and ebook.


May 30th, 2021!

How much?

$20 Canadian for paperback. $5 Canadian for eBook. Free eBook with kindle unlimited!

Should I order it?

YES PLEASE! With the pandemic, it helps me so much for you to order it rather than buy stock directly from me. This was the big problem with Bloodied as it was often difficult to get copies to people!

So if you are able, please consider ordering a copy!

Will you sign it?

Absolutely! When it is safe and we are able to meet!

How are you?

Tired. Very tired, but safe. Extremely fortunate all things considered. Very excited to see these stories out there!

I hope you are all safe out there!

Thank you,

Art by GMB Chomichuk. Design by Chloe Brown.