Explosions rippled through the air. Popping like tumbling yellow candies across the sky. A beetle-shaped Battlecraft exploded and tumbled down through the sky before lodging itself into a hillside.

The battlefield stretched as far as the eye could see. Flashes of light, screams and the crash of metal.

What began as a scouting skirmish where two forces of outriders on dirt bikes literally stumbled into each other, had escalated when infantry, air support and a Titan phalanx was called in.

Captain Tina Bolton hugged the edge of a sloping hill. There’s no cover on this godforsaken tundra.

Behind her were twenty jacketed soldiers with lasrifles. A mix of Eastlanders, Anglos and Francos, a genuine mix of Alliance forces.

Her second, Lieutenant Jem Black Leaf, an OjiCree, crouched next to her. Jem carried an assault rifle with a launcher.

Bolton circled the edge of an outcropping.

Across a plateau, stomped a huge Heavy-Artillery Titan. It’s red and chrome armor blasted with dust and dirt. It raised its fist and fired a thundering stream of heavy calibre gunfire. The ground shook. On its shoulder sat a glowing blue Gauss Canon.  

Orders: Destroy.

Bolton kneeled next to Black Leaf. “Take your half and go around the back. We’ll come from the flank. You attack in two minutes.”

They synced timers. Jem nodded. “Don’t get killed.”

“Same to you.”

Jem pumped her fist and her anti-armor platoon followed. Bolton waved her soldiers to spread out and wait for Jem to launch the rear attack.

More explosions rippled through the sky. The main clash a klick away had become a literal maelstrom as magicians, titans, technopaths and demigods slugged it out. Shattering the permafrost like glass, creating mountains and death out of the wasteland.

Bolton watched the time elapse.

But Black Leaf’s anti-armor didn’t strike.

Bolton licked her lips. I’m about to get my men killed. They had to destroy the Titan, or more would die. She aimed her lasrifle at the Titan’s cockpit and fired.


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