Aqi sat by a pool. Her porcelain white legs swaying over the blue-green water. The gurgling of the spring and the rustle of the forest gave the immortal all the solace she required. Eternity was her only true companion.

Her naked form equal to any goddess.

A Nymph, a creature of the forests and pools. She stroked her long green-chestnut hair hoping to attract her prey. Her long hair fell down her back and over her breasts. Her warm oval face and intense blue eyes glanced around the glade.

Her naked form had brought a many mortal into her grips.

They had always been quite delicious.

A rustling behind her told her she would eat well tonight. She turned but her face fell from seduction into complete horror. It was no wandering shepherd of willing adventurer. A great lion had managed to sneak up on her.

The golden beast’s mane was like brass and its eyes like polished amber. A black clawed paw took a step forward. It sprung off its powerful legs, white sabre-teeth and claws drawn.

Aqi had no time to flee, no chance to dive into the pool. Only a whimper at her eternity’s end.

A shadow crashed through the canopy.

A great eagle slammed into the lion. A maelstrom of fur and feathers, brown and gold, claws and talons. A deafening roar and howling screech as they tore into each other, blood splattering the forest floor, defiling the enchanted glade.

Aqi dove into the pool, away from the battle.

When she rose out of the pool at the end of her breath, it was quiet. Clear water ran down her shoulders and white skin. The lion was dead. It’s golden fur criss-crossed with crimson. It’s throat a mess of red.

The eagle, sat equally bloodied, but alive and very hurt.

Aqi rushed to its side. With all her strength she helped it crawl to the water’s edge. She then began spooning the water into its bronze-coloured beak.


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