Three Hackers leaned over a single desktop in a dark lab. Sweat dripped down Ben’s face and down his back.

“What did you do?!”

Ben stuttered, “I.. I.. I tried to access an Aristocrat’s account, just a little off the top as usual.”

The three made their living off of steal and skimming from the rich’s accounts. They could prevent the client notification email. They could break any firewall and cover their tracks.

They were invincible.

“What happened?!” barked Sam.

The frozen red alert’s on Ben’s desktop refused and resisted every counter-measure they tried. They were running out of options. They should just wipe the lab’s cameras and leave.

“Try this,” said Sam as she pressed a few keys in an arrangement that Ben hadn’t thought of.

The alert vanished. The desktop returned to normal.

Ben smiled, “Thank you. Close one.”

Sam smiled back.

The entire screen flashed red and a high pitched squeal pierced through the speakers.

“Pull it!”

Ben reached under and yanked the power cable.

The screen went black. The only light in the entire lab was the single desk lamp above the computer. Ben and Sam shared a triumphant look and exhaled.

“You saw what it said!?” shrieked Gibson.


“… Found you.”

A chuckled echoed behind them.


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