Two HallKarls stood at opposite ends of the lonely single street town. The shutters and doors all locked tight against the coming violence. Gusts of dust blew across the gravel road. The wooden faces of the buildings created a tunnel for the HolmGang.

The sun beat down on the tiny Yarldom town.

One HallKarl dropped his gunbelt; drawing his sword as the heavy leather fell to the ground. His sunburnt face was as red as his beard. His sweat drenched brow furrowed. “You’re no man.”

His opponent, black bearded, drew his own sword and cast aside his revolver. “I’m more man than you’ll ever be.”

Red-Beard raised his blade, readying himself to charge with grit teeth.

“Rules?” asked his opponent, casually leaning on his sword.

“Blades. No guns. No shields. Until death.”

Wind blew through the town, slamming the shutters and clotheslines. Plumes of dust whistled across the street.

Red-Beard roared, saliva spraying from his teeth. “You did it! I know you did! You killed my sister! You did it!”

“Prove it then,” said his opponent with a shrug.

The Yarl had held a trial. A trial that led to nothing. The Yarl knew what was happening, two of his vassals had set the time and place for the duel. The Gothi has given his blessing. The time for proof and justice was over, now was the time for revenge.

The HallKarls faced each other as equals in the HolmGang. The honour duel.

Red-Beard narrowed his blue eyes on his opponent. Sweat dripping off his bright red face.

His opponent grinned through his black beard.

The wind howled.

The sun beat down on the small town.

They sprang into action.


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