The fat multi-coloured fish lazed around in their pools. Flubbing lips producing bubbles. The garden filled with pools, bridges and arching trees. A beautiful glade that played host to a battle.

Two magicians of bastardized skill whipped spells at one another with reckless abandon.

Water rustled from the fountains. Feet clattered against wooden boards. A witch with a wand threw a ball of light at her opponent. The warlock parried away the attacks with a skull-tipped staff.

“Why’d you do it!?” hissed the warlock. “We were supposed to do this together!”

“I’m not waiting around for you anymore!” she fired another string of burning spells. A cluster of energies spiraled and dived towards him.

He clacked the staff against the wooden bridge. A stream of water flew into the air and spiraled out into a shield.

Steam hissed and swallowed the attacks.

Both mages were exhausted. Their magic instruments cracked and burned with use. Magic needed a source. Wands and staffs provided the fuel for many spells. When those ran out, the magic would eat the casters. Their hands and arms covered in flecks of pale scaring; MagesBlyte.

The witch rushed forward with more reckless spells. MagesBlyte already splashed across her knuckles as her wand burnt away with each spell.

The warlock’s staff was cracking, soon it would explode into chard shards of wood. Leaving him at the mercy of his opponent and the cost of magic.

The koi watched, an unimpressed audience for a battle with years of tension built into it. All they could see was two young humans with the power of gods having a spat.


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