“The party is wonderful!” shrieked Lady Escal. “Who is your planner!?”

“That’s my little secret,” responded Baron Careaway, with an especially flirtatious smile.

Lady Escal sipped her chardonnay. “I will find out, my baron, one way or another.”

She bolted back into the party. Her down had made up for that awful laugh. Baron Careaway would have to pursue that avenue for advancement. Escal did own a productive auto factory and had ties to the local HighClans. Her court also contained some interesting characters under her patronage.

Careaway looked up, it was a beautiful party and an excellent way to show off his newest addition.

The peak of a mountain had been sheered off and rebuilt with a reinforced dome of glass and steel. Not unlike a golf-ball, it was built with a repeating geometric pattern for strength and aesthetic beauty. Within was now a sea of gowns and suits. The Bourgeoisie of the 17th District.

Beyond the dome was a glorious night sky. The Milky Way high above the Rocky Mountains.

The dome was nearly indestructible, as was Careaway’s legacy. As long it endured, so would he. It would survive the worst storms and snow the earth could throw at it. It was a pinnacle of civilized ingenuity. An example of his wealth and power.

He walked through the party like a shark hunting through the shallows.

Nothing can harm us.

There was a commotion. Careaway was caught in his thoughts. The permanence of his legacy and power. The power. The authority he expressed.

Nothing can harm us. He looked up. Nothing…

…Is that a dragon?


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