UpTown always want to show off their wealth. In the higher reaches of the Underground’s various Districts they held lavish parties, galas, public works and showed off expensive luxuries. From the lowest CorpLord climbing the economic ladders, to immortal vampiric Aristocrats, to Lordling Houses with decades of established rule.

They did anything to show how powerful, charitable and rich they were.

Many wanted classical portraiture.

That’s where I come in, thought the artist. Tami Qin dabbed at the shoulder of her subject. The small girl wore a black shawl and a wide-brimmed fedora. She felt like an insect compared to her client.

Lady Sireen sat on a stool with her hands over the book and dagger in her lap.

The lady was stunningly beautiful, soft, curved, but powerful, like a ghostly sea goddess. It had been difficult capturing the particular shade of white for her skin, like sea salt; or the exact match of her blue-grey hair which hung around her bare shoulders.

Her black corset and dress were embroidered with silver and sapphire. She already looked like a renaissance painting.

Lady Sireen had sat perfectly still for eighteen hours. She didn’t even blink her crimson eyes.

Tami dabbed at the shoulder again, getting the right amount of freckles. Tami’s bright yellow eyes dashed over the canvas. Her tongue played with her pointed canine.

Neither painter nor subject had any issue of endurance or impatience. The portrait would be finished in one extended silent sitting. This was a huge client for Tami.

Two month’s rent at least.

The room was perfect for this project.

The room was walled with mirrors on all sides. Creating infinite reflections going in all directions. It was perfect, neither woman cast so much as a shadow or reflection in the mirror. Just endless repeating images of an empty stool and a brush slowly painting a portrait held by an invisible hand.

A vampire artist painting a vampire duchess in a mirror gallery. Another day in the Underground.


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