The Veiled Sagas

On the Wrong Side of the Veil, things are different.

Beyond the Veil, through space and time, is a realm undreamed of. A place with the glowing eyes of a sorceress and the quaking wail of titans. The forgotten oaths of failed warlords and double-edged promise of cyberspace. A realm of monsters and magic, of blades and bullets, where kings and heathens rule.

Through the Veil, you have entered the Wrong Side.

Nothing is right anymore.

These are the Veiled Sagas.

The Idea

“It was recommended by the novelty of the situations which it develops; and, however impossible as a physical fact, affords a point of view to the imagination for the delineating of human passions more comprehensive and command than any which the ordinary relations of existing events can yield.”

Mary Shelley, Forward to Frankenstein

When people say “Realism” or “Grounded” when it comes to genre fiction, all they are really doing is exploring unanswered questions they imagined in a various work. Growing up reading Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and other Hidden World Fantasies, I always wondered what would happen if the normal world had more of an influence on the magic world. The normal kids would be bringing in their music, their phones, their technology and their cultural understanding that is completely different from the magic world

So the Veiled Sagas is how I choose to explore those ideas while creating a unique fantasy world.

The Wrong Side of the World is a “Hidden World” Fantasy where modern technology clashes with an imagined fantasy world often still stuck in the middle ages. The traditional rules of science are broken slightly by the inclusion of magic as a day-to-day aspect of the world. Feudal principalities have more in common with mafia families or post-colonial militias. It is a dark reflection of our world that I explore. An setting that facilitates ideas, characters and genre-bending stories.

With my education and lifelong obsession in History and Politics, I eventually asked more mature and thoughtful questions. How does the spread of “Civilization” affect the magical world? What then is the consequence of Colonialism and Imperialism? I felt it was inadequate for me to consider a “grounded” hidden fantasy world and ignore some of the most devastating and important events of our modern world.

As I grew as a writer, I expanded my cultrual input and therefore began changing my aim. I am writing Epic or Dark Fantasy with a “grounded” angle. All of this, however, is heavily influenced by my love of other genres; Westerns, Samurai, Film Noir, Gangsters, Kaiju, Anime, Horror, Cyberpunk and Science Fiction. My passion has become the blurring of genres. To quote one of my favourite shows of all time;

“[They]… will play freely without fear of risky things. They must create new dreams and films by breaking traditional styles. The work, which becomes a new genre itself, will be called… COWBOY BEBOP.”

Cowboy Bebop, Opening Tank! by Shinichiro Watanabe

I hope you enjoy exploring this world with me. The best place to start would be my weekly flash fiction.

Veiled Saga Flash Fiction – One page Stories

Veiled Saga Short Fiction – Short Fiction, Novelettes and Novellas 

Veiled Saga Novels

Labyrinth – Dark Fantasy / 91,000 Words / 2nd Draft phase 

“A young vampire living in an Underground city becomes the center of a coup when she ‘invited into’ everywhere.”

Redemption – Dark Fantasy / 220,000 Words / 2nd Draft phase

“A wandering Mercenary and a lost demigod battle a secret war together in order to prevent a region of lawless Yarls from falling into civil war.”

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