The Veiled Sagas

On the Wrong Side of the Veil, things are different.

They have the phones, the guns, the takeout containers, and the gas chugging trucks. There is something wrong when you try to have a coffee at some diner you’ve never seen before. A trio of long eared and crooked nosed Goblins are slurping cartons of ramen garnished with fried crickets. The gunslinger that stepped in has a Glock-45 on one hip and a scimitar on the other. The girl at the counter is dancing a flame between her fingers as her eyes glow bright green.

You’re on the Wrong Side now.

And things are different.

The world you knew is gone. The Right Side is gone. Now everything is wrong.

These are the Veiled Sagas

Veiled Saga Short Fiction – Short Fiction, Novelettes and Novellas 

Veiled Saga Flash Fiction – One page Stories

Veiled Saga Novels

Labyrinth – Dark Fantasy / 91,000 Words / 2nd Draft phase 

“A young vampire living in an Underground city becomes the center of a coup when she ‘invited into’ everywhere.”

Redemption – Dark Fantasy / 220,000 Words / 2nd Draft phase

“A wandering Mercenary and a lost demigod battle a secret war together in order to prevent a region of lawless Yarls from falling into civil war.”

The Idea

“It was recommended by the novelty of the situations which it develops; and, however impossible as a physical fact, affords a point of view to the imagination for the delineating of human passions more comprehensive and command than any which the ordinary relations of existing events can yield.”

Mary Shelley, Forward to Frankenstein

Growing up reading Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and other Hidden World Fantasies, I always wondered what would happen if the normal world had more of an influence on the magic world. The normal kids would be bringing in their music, their phones, their technology and their cultural understanding that is completely different from the magic world, and this would have been ongoing for millennia. “There would be a Muggle-Fetish-Subcultures in Hogwarts and 9/11 anxiety in Camp Half-Blood,” I would imagine.

So the Veiled Sagas is how I choose to explore those ideas while creating a unique fantasy world.

With my education and lifelong obsession in History and Politics, I eventually asked more mature and thoughtful questions. How does the spread of “Civilization” affect the magical world? What then is the consequence of Colonialism and Imperialism? How has firearms affected the power of Magic users? There is a lot of big ideas that I try to explore as I learn to become a better writer with published works.

I am writing Epic or Dark Fantasy; but all of it is heavily influenced by my love of other genres; Westerns, Film Noir, Gangster thrillers, Anime, Horror, Cyberpunk and Science Fiction. My passion is in the blurring of genres. To quote one of my favourite properties;

“[They]… will play freely without fear of risky things. They must create new dreams and films by breaking traditional styles. The work, which becomes a new genre itself, will be called… COWBOY BEBOP.”

Cowboy Bebop, Opening Tank! by Shinichiro Watanabe