The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied – Update, Future projects

So it’s really done. My first book is out and for sale, a few reviews and reactions from friends and family are pouring in. I am so thankful, humbled, relieved and also kind of numb? If that makes sense.

“Check this out if you enjoy dark fantasy, unique worldbuilding, and stories about people trying to figure out who they are and where they belong. Looking forward to more tales from the Wrong Side!” – Emma 5/5 stars.

“I’ll admit I may be a tad biased because the stories check the boxes of a lot of my interests but I tore through it in an afternoon and really enjoyed it. The characters were flawed but compelling and I was left wanting to know more about the world he created. Well worth the read.” – Bryan 5/5 stars.

You can order your own paperback and ebooks right now!

What now?

I am not a person to rest on my laurels. I can barely take a few days break before I feel compelled to get back to work. So what have I been doing?

I am working on the sequel to Bloodied, another collection of 7-8 short stories and novellas. The working title is Black as Night. While Bloodied had a focus on violent battles, bloody sacrifices, and monster attacks, Black as Night will be focused on pitch black horror stories, darker adventures and even some noir-style hard-boiled detective stories. I will continue to explore the world I’ve built, showing you the deepest fathoms of the Underground, the violent shores of the Yarldoms and the dark secrets of NeoAnglia.

I have begun querying an actual novel. A standalone Veiled Sagas story (I’m forever caught in this genre-bent fantasy world for the time being). This part is just a waiting game, however.

I am also working towards releasing several stories and flash fiction collections as small magazines and ebooks. I have a few standalone novellas that I would LOVE to have as a pulp-magazine. I will also be compiling all my flash fiction from 2019 into a collection.

I am, of course, still writing away on more stories. Continued adventures following my black-cloaked stranger, noir detective stories, fantasy adventures, monster attacks and horror stories.

These will keep me busy and I am excited to see what I am able to put out next! Stay tuned!