September Update – What a year it has been…


It’s been quite the year, eh? We’re all caught in this storm and all I can hope is that everyone found safety and solace in it. I know a great many couldn’t…

What did this summer mean to me? Well, I worked regularly, which is a blessing in its own way. It kept me busy, kept my level, kept me focused. During my own initial quarantine I wrote like a blazing fire then quickly became burnt out due to stress, anxiety and uncertainty. My life over the past few months has been all centered on work and writing.

I have a few more stories to show for it. A few chapters of a possible future novel and several projects being queried, edited, beta-read, and in various stages of the publishing process.

My dear writing partners describe me as manic and feral…

They ain’t wrong.

I’ve always been manic when it comes to stories and writing. Whenever I’ve sat down to write a “proper story with themes and fully realized characters” the entire story falls on its face. Whenever I start a story with “You know what would be cool?” or “I really want to write a story about orcs, or a ghost, or a battle.” Then I will stumble into writing compelling atypical characters and layer in theme as I go.

I am not a writer with intention. I am a feral little goblin who keeps finding the shiny things under the mountains.

So where does that leave me for this fall? This is a September update blog.

My capital ‘G’ GOALS for this fall is to finish the beta reading for my next short story collection, titled Black as Night, and I would like to publish my collection of flash fiction as an ebook with eventual plans for a small paperback. In addition to these larger goals, I will be making drafts for a bi-weekly blog. I will have a mix of writing advice, trope discussions, and reliable places of inspiration. So stay tuned!

On the side, I would like to continue working on a Veiled Sagas novel and other related short stories. The adventures of the Stranger and other characters from Bloodied are places I refuse to leave. I want to see where they take me. I want to see where I can go on the Wrong Side of the Veil

In the New Year, I do believe I will attempt some standalone science fiction, but we will see where my mania takes me.

My baby, my first book, Bloodied, is now four months old.

I want to thank everyone who has purchased Bloodied either by ordering it or from me directly. While the launch was shaky due to the unforeseen circumstances that wrecked ALL our plans. I am so fucking thankful and floored by the response and support from everyone.

Click here to purchase The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied.

Thank you and be safe ❤