December Update: One Long Year

So I should be wrapping presents right now, but I’m not. Soon. Soon.

I received a notification today, it has been one year since quitting my job as a clerk at a law firm. One long year since I decided to leave a place that was making me miserable. I was in such a dark place at that time as many of you well know.

One year since I opened a fortune cookie (this is absolutely true) and it read “You will become an accomplished writer.”

Jesus this has been a weird year.

Eight months semi-unemployed. Writing for the Manitoban with 30+ articles. This fall working two jobs, classes and still writing. Working towards self-publishing my first book. I am finally being treated for my depression and it has been spectacular since.

I still have a long way to go. Move out, finally get my full driver’s licence, continue to publish and write.

Thinking back on where I was a year ago. I was hopeless. I mean, I was completely without hope that I would get any better or things could never get good again. I was numb. Barely able to enjoy anything ever. When I quit and was so embarrassed about my situation, I locked myself away, somehow falling into an even worse place. I wasn’t numb. I was in pain. Constantly screaming self-loathing pain.

Now, I can genuinely say I am okay.

But enough therapy. In the new year I will be announcing the launch of my first anthology: The Veiled Sagas – Bloodied

Seven stories. Bloody battles and gruesome sacrifices. Monsters, mechanical battle suits, massacres and mayhem.

Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ❤

Thank you,