November Update

Holy Shit. I have not updated this in quite a while.

And that is actually a good thing, or reflects a good thing.

My earlier blogs were a way to help me deal with my past two years of horrible depression. So what has changed? Well, a big thing is that I am officially on a medication and you know what?

It’s working. The part of my brain that constantly said, “You’re not good enough” “Just die” And everything else you could imagine. Well it’s gone. Poof. I don’t feel it anymore. I don’t necessarily have the same manic energy that got me writing over 300k words this year, but I feel a million times better and I’m proud to say that.

I am open about these things for two reasons. 1, the very real need to de-stigmatize discussions of mental health. 2, to show that it is possible to get through it. You just need to find what works for you.

What else is new?

I am writing for the Manitoban, usually two articles a week. I love my ‘Toban Fam’ and would literally go to any length for them. You can find my articles here. I got a fantastic job working at a restaurant. It took a little getting used to but now I genuinely enjoy being there. I am learning a lot and I get along with the people.

For clarification for those new to my website and how this works (something I’m still getting a handle on). Sadly, when I post a Flash Fiction I make it as a “Page” so it’s more permanent and easier to find, but that does not cause WordPress to notify you like when I make these blogs.

So go HERE to find my weekly Flash Fiction. Probably the only consistent thing about my life this year. Every week, I have posted a one-page story set in my growing fantasy mythos ‘The Veiled Sagas’

And continuing with this, I am nearing completion of the first Veiled Saga anthology, Bloodied. A series of seven short stories that provide the base for my hidden world set on the Wrong Side of the Veil. There you will read some of my earlier stories where monsters attack people going through hard times in our world and meet characters already living in this dark fantasy world.

I am entering a huge learning curve with marketing, negotiating with a cover artist and a copy editor. I will be updating this website and building a email list in due time. I will be self-publishing this book and embracing the pulp-fantasy style that has influenced my writing.

I will announce a launch date in due time!

I want to thank everyone who helped me get through the previous year, the opportunities I have been afforded, the kindness I have been shown and the support I have received. It is not hard to say I wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you.