The Wrong Side – Ebook Announcement!


How do you become a writer? You write. Pretty easy answer, right?

Anyone who has ever sat down to write or fought to find the time or tried to find the motivation to write when the time opens up knows how hard it can be.

In 2019, when I was struggling through depression, unemployment and anxiety, I made one rule for myself. Publish content every week for a year. Every week I posted one-page flash fictions for an entire year. I ended up with nearly a hundred small pieces. Around seventy ended up on this website.

All of them were glimpses of a fantasy world I was learning how to build and how to write. Exploring feelings, characters, tone, mystery and horror in all its forms. I rarely wrote a story with a plot twist or character beat in mind. It was always on mood, imagery, emotion and motion. I would sit in forests, gardens, shopping malls, city squares and even churches and come up with moments of action, mystery and terror.

Through these pieces I slowly got some feedback and encouragement. I learned through trial and error what people respond most strongly too and how to twist the knife when I wanted to. So here they all are. As a single ebook. In a single place.

On the Wrong Side. Nothing is right anymore.

These are the Veiled Sagas

The Wrong Side by Z. F. Sigurdson

Artwork by Paul Longchamp

Coming this December as an ebook! With plans for a paperback in the near future

I hope you are excited as I am!


If you like what I’ve said here, please consider ordering my first short story collection; The Veiled Sagas: Bloodied – seven dark fantasy stories filled with monsters, gruesome sacrifices and intense violence – Click here to order through Amazon.

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